YES, we have all been there, traveled thru airports blindly, checked in our baggage, and collected the boarding passes. checking in our carry-ons, and boarded the flight for a safe journey. How many amongst us have wondered about the kind of extensive technologies being run in the background for this smooth operation. Definitely boundless and probably with endless advancements every single day.


As we recover from the effects of the pandemic, international travel has exploded in such a way that it is chaos at all major airports of the world and trends indicate a tremendous growth in passenger traffic in the ensuing months.


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We talk about smart buildings, we talk about smart homes, but there are also SMART airports that use a multitude number of technologies, like GPS sensor tracking, IoT enabled services to name a few, yes, to give us that smooth travel experience. Robotics for passenger and baggage movement has already made an introduction into our lives and ELV systems like parking management with access control and contactless ID cards are the norm.


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